BJJ Lineage The Maeda Project



  • mark

    Does this just list black belts?

    • maedaproject

      Yes, at this time we are listing bjj black belts only.

  • Michael G BTT

    This is awesome! Well done

    • maedaproject

      Thanks! We hope to see the project grow over time.

    • Stevie

      Oh and so is Rodolfo Nygaard

  • Jack Morris

    Hi admin,

    Carlson Gracie Sr. trained a black belt called Guttenberg Mello who in turn trained a black belt called Sidney Silva. You may want to add that as Sidney Silva is now the head of my school of BJJ in the UK :)


    • maedaproject

      Both black belts have been verified and added to the tree as part of update 1.2. Thanks for the contribution!!!

  • Jhon BKK

    Awesome job!!! Here in Chile the academy i go to is currently training under the supervision of Cicero Costha, but there aren’t any black belts yet…its amazing to see how BJJ have been expanded around the world…

    Thanks on the info, is always nice to know something more about this beautifl sport, both in and out of the tatame..

  • Hal

    Awesome Site. A lot of work seems to been put into it. Great job

  • Rich

    Steve Hall (Charlotte, NC) is a Royce Gracie Black Belt

    JW Wright (St. Peters, MO) is a Royler Gracie Black Belt

    • Peter richardson

      Hi I am a black belt under Ricardo “Rey” Diogo can you please add me under him

      • maedaproject

        Hi, I’ll be adding you to the tree as part of the next update. -Matt

      • maedaproject

        You have been added as part of 1.5

    • maedaproject

      Thanks for the submissions, I’ll get them added with the next update. -Matt

    • maedaproject

      These contribution have been added as part of 1.5

  • Perry Hauck

    Great site! The BJJ community has really been missing a resource like this since the days of

    Regarding the following lineage:

    Carlos Gracie, Sr. > Carlson Gracie, Sr. > Ricardo Rey Diogo

    In addition to the three black belts you currently have listed under Ricardo Rey Diogo (Martin
    Escobar, Andre Vasconcellos & Perry Hauck), there are several more that should be listed as well. They are:

    Andre Anderson
    David Koda
    Pete Regland
    Peter Richardson
    Oliver Reich
    Emerson Vidor

    Thank You!
    Perry Hauck

    • maedaproject

      Thanks! It’s great to see other checking out the project. Will have the additional Ricardo Rey Diogo black belts added as part of the next update.

    • maedaproject

      These contributions have been added as part of 1.5

  • warren stout

    I’d be honored to be listed. I got my black belt from Renzo Gracie in 2010 in NYC.
    Great work on this.

    • maedaproject

      Thanks Warren! I’ll get you added with the next update.

  • maedaproject

    Next update should be this weekend. :)

  • Scott Wills

    My instructor is a black belt under Pedro Sauer his name is Matt Strack it would be nice to see his name on there.

    • maedaproject

      Hi, Matt Strack was added as part of update 1.4. -Matt

      • maedaproject

        Thanks everyone for the contributions. There have been a lot the last few days so I’ll try to get everyone verified and on the tree soon. Update 1.4 was done today. Details on the update can be found on the news page

  • chiu

    this may be useful to you. Someone may already have submitted it to you, sorry for the repeat, if they already have:

    • maedaproject

      Thanks for the link, that’s a great resource. I’ll work on getting those names added to the tree one of the upcoming updates

      • Simon Hayes

        Great resource,

        Could you please add these Black Belts under the Carlson-Liborio-Nelson Solari-Wilson Junior lineage=

        Simon Hayes
        Mihaly Sztraka
        Barnaby Gorton
        Walid Tadjouri

        Could you please add these Black Belts under Carlson Gracie Junior-

        Andre Pimenta
        Denis Kelly

        Thank you

        Best Wishes

        Simon Hayes
        1st Degree Black Belt under Wilson Junior
        Carlson Gracie Team London

  • Adam Sparrow

    Awesome site!, just thought id let you know it should be Vitor Ribiero not victor! under / Maeda – Carlos Sr – Carlson Sr -Andre Pederneiras -

    • maedaproject

      Thanks, this has been corrected as part of update 1.5

  • Andrew

    Hi, this is great!

    Just to add,

    Under Sylvio Behring, is a black belt named Mike Yackulic, and under him
    Is myself, Andrew Gummer, and two others, Curt Malin and Lane Binetury


    • maedaproject

      These contributions have been added as part of update 1.5

  • Trav

    Under Carlson jr, you have Tory Acker. I think it’s supposed to be Troy Acker. I could be wrong, but I trained under a Troy Acker a couple times while visiting Cali a few years ago. I believe that’s who this is. If I’m wrong, sorry.

    • maedaproject

      This has been corrected as part of update 1.5

  • Josh Mancuso

    How do we get added to the tree?

    • maedaproject

      Josh, please email your contribution along with the lineage. Also if there is verification online, that will make it easier for to confirm (IBJJF database, competition video, etc)

  • jordan collins

    bb from rorion gracie. 1 of 3

    • maedaproject

      Jordan, thanks for contacting us ad submitting the video. Will get you added as part of update 1.5

  • John

    Rob Kahn has promoted the following people to black belt:

    Justin Garcia
    Brian McLaughlin
    Matt Arroyo
    Ron Neagle

    • Tommy Santos

      I know of more, but don’t know last names.

  • Tommy Santos

    I know of a few Charles Gracie blacks- Val Cubales, Cristiano Xavier, Clint Gerona

  • Stevie

    Luiz Tosta is a black belt under Mario Reis

  • joshua

    (Carlos Gracie jr. – Peter deBeen) Pete has a bunch of black belts ( there is a list with 2 more having been handed out this weekend. PS this is a brilliant idea! good job!

  • Chris papandria

    My instructor Jason Fox is a black belt directly from royler. Info can be found on

  • Joe

    Marcelo Mafra is a black belt under Demian Maia. Robert drysdale is a black belt under Leonardo Viera and Joe Stevenson is a black belt under Robert Drysdale.

  • Robert

    Sterlimg Redlack Scott Bieri & Chris Holdsworth are black belts under Marc Laimon also

  • SerafinBJJ

    My instructor Jack McVicker is a black belt under Wellington Dias aka Megaton. I am a black belt under Jack McVicker

  • jordan collins
  • Andrew

    Ricardo Liborio has a lot of black belts under him now.

  • Jeff

    In North Carolina, I see four Royce Gracie black belts besides Steve Hall for submission:

    Billy Dowey (Raleigh, NC)
    Jason Culbreth (Cary, NC)
    Mazi Heydary (Chapel Hill, NC)
    Jake Whitfield (Goldsboro, NC)

  • Jeff

    Also, thanks for undertaking this cool and exciting project!

  • Mike Yackulic

    Hi… wow, looks great. Lots of work to build this.

    I am a Black Belt under Sylvio Behring under Alvaro Barreto under Helio Gracie.

    If you could add my name I would be very Appreciative.

    Mike Yackulic

    Thank you

  • http://Lovesite-PleaseAdd BJJ Fan

    Is there a BJJ data base that we you can look at and develop? Love the site it is a big project

    Can you please add Benito Segura promoted on July 24, 2013

    His Lineage is Carlson Sr – Marcus Soares – Benito Segura

  • Ben Miller

    I am a Black Belt under Rickson>>>Jorge Pereira>>>Paulo Guimaraes>>>Me

  • Ben Miller

    The most glaring omission is Grandmaster Shen (no confirmed affiliation but a master of all arts).

  • Mike Marasco

    Ted Osburn is a black belt under William Vandry via Carlos Machado

  • Jono

    David Krstic is a black belt under Pedro Sauer.

  • John Crouch

    Wow, what a cool project, thank you for all the work! I wanted to see if I could get my name corrected. I am a black belt under Royce Gracie, and my name is misspelled. It is spelled John Crouch. Also, the black belts that I have promoted are: Morgan Patnode, Josh Kemper, Colin Morrison, Santino DeFranco, and Benson Henderson.
    Thank you very much for your work!
    John Crouch

  • William Gadol

    As I understand it, Rigan Machado was trained by Carlos Gracie Sr and this happened after Carlos Sr. “retired” from teaching. If this can be confirmed, it would make Rigan, Carlos Sr’s last black belt and would significantly alter your tree (which is magnificent).

  • Rolljunkie

    Lineage Tree 2.0 is now online

    • jurak

      what happened to Wilson Mattos under Oswalda Fadda…he was in the previous version of this but he’s now gone.

      • Rolljunkie

        The database has been refreshed with the latest version. The listing should be there now.

  • Eric Shields

    Jason Palacios Black Belt under Royce Gracie is not listed

  • Chris

    Alan Condon should be listed under Carlos Machado.

  • etali

    Awesome tree! Rolls Gracie should be under Mitsuyo Maeda. Rolls Gracie promoted six men to black belt, including Mauricio Motta Gomes.

  • Jerry Tsui

    Need to add Dane Molina and Benjamin “DJ As-Is” Ross to Shawn Williams’ black belt tree.

  • Minechika

    Hope you add Nao Takigawa (Black Belt) under Carlos Gracie Jr.


    Travis Tooke, under Carlos Sr. -> Carlos Jr..

    And then, David Thomas under Travis Tooke.


    Maeda => Carlos Gracie Sr. => Carlos Gracie Jr. => Travis Tooke => David Thomas

  • Brian

    Carlos Lima is a black belt under Carlson Gracie Snr (RIP)

    Israel Gomes de Oliveira is a black belt under Carlos Lima

    Israel Gomes de Oliveira has the following black belt students
    -Jarrett Becks
    -Anthony Mitchell
    -Luis Martinez
    -Cade Brown

  • Joshua Clements

    Under Carlos Gracie Jr., you have Roberto Correa and Roberto de Lima. They are they same person. Gustavo Machado (my instructor), Jeremy Arel, Dennis Asche are all under him. I believe that his full name is Roberto Correa de Lima.